What We Do

Simulation Curriculum develops and publishes best-in-class simulation software and curriculum. It serves a large consumer audience and is a leader in the K-12 and College markets world-wide. The company fills the need for high quality, accurate simulation- based curriculum for topics in Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Physical Geography, Anatomy, Physiology and beyond.

Our award-winning flagship products, Starry Night and SkySafari are the world's leading astronomy applications for use on PC’s & Macs, Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Android & Surface Tablets. Starry Night is in many thousands of classrooms and in the hands of millions of students worldwide and is bundled with most major college Astronomy textbooks. It is the engine running the most advanced, teacher-friendly planetariums in the world.

Starry Night and its earth science counterpart, Layered Earth, gives educators powerful, accurate, reliable tools to inspire and engage students regardless of their level of content knowledge or technical expertise. The newest Starry Night and Layered Earth applications are fully browser-based allowing users to login from any location, at any time of day using any device they choose. Our new subscription systems offer customers tremendous flexibility with content and curriculum that is always up to date and relevant.

The Starry Night brand is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! Originally created by Sienna Software in 1996, it has been in continuous development since. It is unrivaled in its ease of use, completeness and beauty. The core development team is committed to using software to put elegant, powerful interactive learning experiences into hands of students everywhere.

As part of the companies’ endeavors, it develops apps and software for third parties and it constructs back-end content delivery and license management systems for use by schools worldwide. This remains the fastest growing part of the business.

The company is based in Minnesota and was organized as Simulation Curriculum in 2008.