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    Ultra-High Resolution
    Spitz - SciDome
    Fulldome Projection

Spitz SciDome

Powered by Starry Night.

SciDome, utilizing custom fish eye projection lenses and high resolution digital projectors, accurately maps the Starry Night® universe onto the immersive planetarium dome. Starry Night®’s database of stars, galaxies, 3D models and other deep sky objects is realistically projected in an immersive full-dome theater environment.

“Starry Night® is the perfect platform to teach students about the complex universe we live in.” says Scott Huggins, Marketing Director for Spitz. “The space science curriculum is so comprehensive, there’s almost nothing we can’t show. It offers a thousand times more teaching capability than traditional planetarium projectors.”

Planetariums old and new select Starry Night® Dome as their astronomy display medium. There are well over 100 SciDome owners – in colleges, schools, museums and nature centers.

For us, the most important feature of Starry Night® is the compatibility between our Dome systems and the educational versions students use in the classroom,” says Huggins. “For the first time in planetarium history, students are actively interacting with the planetarium system. If a student makes her own visuals in Starry Night®, it’s simple for her to show them to other students in the spectacular, fulldome setting of a planetarium”

For more information about Spitz and SciDome powered by Starry Night®, visit www.spitzinc.com.